noun | or·der
  1. : a state of peace, freedom from unruly behavior, and respect for law and proper authority maintain law and order

    cab : an authoritative command issued by the court violated a court order and was jailed for contempt

    — cease-and-desist order
    : an order from a court or quasi-judicial tribunal to stop engaging in a particular activity or practice (as an unfair labor practice) — compare injunction, mandamus, stay

    — consent order
    : an agreement of litigating parties that by consent takes the form of a court order

    — final order
    : an order of a court or quasi-judicial tribunal which leaves nothing further to be determined or accomplished in that forum except execution of the judgment and from which an appeal will lie

    — gag order
    : an order barring public disclosure or discussion (as by the involved parties or the press) of information relating to a case

    — order to show cause
    : an order requiring the prospective object of a legal action to show cause why that action should not take place — called also show cause order

    — pretrial order
    : a court order setting out the rulings, stipulations, and other actions taken at a pretrial conference

    — protection order
    : restraining order in this entry

    — protective order
    : an order issued for the protection of a particular party: as a : an order that limits, denies, or defers discovery by a party in order to prevent undue embarrassment, expense, oppression, or disclosure of trade secrets b : restraining order in this entry

    — qualified domestic relations order
    : an order, decree, or judgment that satisfies the criteria set out in section 414 of the Internal Revenue Code for the payment of all or part of individual pension, profit sharing, or retirement benefits usually to a divorcing spouse (as for alimony or child support) Note: The alienation or assignment of funds under a qualified domestic relations order does not affect the tax status of the plan from which such funds are paid.

    — restraining order
    : temporary restraining order in this entry : an order of a specified duration issued after a hearing attended by all parties that is intended to protect one individual from violence, abuse, harassment, or stalking by another especially by prohibiting or restricting access or proximity to the protected party excluded from the home by a restraining order issued because of domestic violence — called also protection order, protective order; compare temporary restraining order in this entry

    — show cause order
    : order to show cause in this entry

    — temporary restraining order
    : an order of brief duration that is issued ex parte to protect the plaintiff's rights from immediate and irreparable injury by preserving a situation or preventing an act until a hearing for a preliminary injunction can be held : a protective order issued ex parte for a brief period prior to a hearing on a restraining order attended by both parties and intended to provide immediate protection from violence or threatened violence

    — turnover order
    : an order commanding one party to turn over property to another; especially : an order commanding a judgment debtor to turn over assets to a judgment creditor turnover order in aid of execution —California Code of Civil Procedure

    d : a command issued by a military superior

    b : an instruction or authorization especially to buy or sell goods or securities or to perform work a purchase order a work order

    — alternative order
    : an order to a broker in which alternative methods of carrying out the order (as by buying or selling) are set forth

    — open order
    : an order to buy securities or commodity futures that remains effective until filled or canceled : an order for merchandise expressed in very general terms so that the seller has considerable latitude in selecting the articles actually provided

    — stop order
    : an order to a broker to buy or sell a security when the price advances or declines to a designated level

    c : goods or items bought or sold the order was received in good condition

  1. : an established mode or state of procedure a call to order

  1. a : a mandate from a superior authority — see also executive order

    b : a ruling or command made by a competent administrative authority; specifically : one resulting from administrative adjudication and subject to judicial review and enforcement an administrative order may not be inconsistent with the Constitution —Wells v. State, 654 So. 2d 145 (1995) : one resulting from administrative adjudication and subject to judicial review and enforcement an administrative order may not be inconsistent with the Constitution —Wells v. State, 654 So. 2d 145 (1995)

  1. a : a direction regarding the party to whom a negotiable instrument shall be paid pay to the order of John Doe — see also money order, negotiable instrument


  1. : payable to a named person or to an individual that person names by an endorsement order instrument — compare bearer