noun | cus·to·dy
  1. a : supervision and control over property that usually includes liability for damage that may occur

    b : care and maintenance of a child that includes the right to direct the child's activities and make decisions regarding the child's upbringing — compare visitation

    — joint custody
    : custody of a child shared by divorced or separated parents who alternate physical custody of and share in decisions regarding the child — called also shared custody

    — physical custody
    : custody that includes sharing a residence with a child

    — shared custody
    : joint custody in this entry

    — sole custody
    : custody of a child awarded to only one person and usually to a parent

    — temporary custody
    : custody awarded until a final judgment in a matter (as a divorce) is made

    c : official restraint on freedom (as by arrest or imprisonment or by release on bail, personal recognizance, probation, or parole) — compare arrest

    — constructive custody
    : custody of a person (as a parolee) who is not under immediate physical control but whose freedom is controlled or restrained by legal authority

    — penal custody
    : custody of a person (as in a correctional institution) as a form of punishment

    — physical custody
    : custody of a person (as an arrestee) whose freedom is under the actual and immediate control of an official

    — preventive custody
    : custody of a person (as a criminal defendant awaiting trial) for the purpose of preventing further possible dangerous or criminal behavior

    — protective custody
    : physical custody of a person for his or her own safety