1. : a sum of money or other resources whose principal or interest is set aside for a specific objective

    — client security fund
    : a fund established by each state to compensate clients for losses suffered due to their attorneys' misappropriation of funds

    — common trust fund
    : an in-house trust fund established by a bank trust department to pool the assets of many small trusts for greater diversification in investing

    — executor fund
    : a fund established in estate planning to provide for the payment of final expenses by an executor

    — joint welfare fund
    : a fund that is established by collective bargaining to provide health and welfare benefits to employees and that is jointly administered by representatives of labor and management

    — paid-in fund
    : a reserve cash fund in lieu of a capital stock account set up by mutual insurance companies to cover unforeseen losses

    — sinking fund
    : a fund set up and accumulated by regular deposits for paying off the principal on a debt or for other specified purposes (as self-insurance)

    — strike fund
    : a fund accumulated by a union through special assessments or from general funds and used to pay striking workers or for other strike-related activities

    — Taft-Hartley fund
    : joint welfare fund in this entry

    — trust fund
    : property (as money or securities) settled or held in a trust

  1. : an organization administering a special fund

    — exchange-traded fund
    : a fund that is similar to an index fund in tracking a stock index but that is traded on the stock market

    — growth fund
    : a mutual fund that invests in the stock of growth companies

    — hedge fund
    : an investing group usually in the form of a limited partnership that employs speculative techniques in the hope of obtaining large capital gains

    — index fund
    : a mutual fund that invests to reflect the composition of the market as a whole by matching its investments to a stock index

    — mutual fund
    : an investment company that invests its shareholders' money in a usually diversified group of securities of other companies

    — vulture fund
    : an investment company that buys up bankrupt or insolvent companies with the goal of reorganizing them so they can be profitably resold as going concerns


transitive verb
  1. a : to make provision of resources for discharging the principal or interest of

    b : to provide financial resources for

  1. : to place in a fund

  1. : to convert into a debt that is payable either at a distant date or at no definite date and that bears a fixed interest