noun | mat·ter
  1. a : a legal case, dispute, or issue a matter within the court's jurisdiction —often used in titles of legal proceedings matter of Doe — see also in re

  1. b : one or more facts, claims, or rights examined, disputed, asserted, proven, or determined by legal process

    — matter in controversy
    : matter 1 — called also matter in dispute : the monetary amount involved in a case

    — matter in issue
    : a matter that is in dispute as part or all of a legal issue

    — matter of fact
    : a matter primarily involving proof or evidence rather than a question of law

    — matter of form
    : a matter concerning form or details often of a relatively inessential nature rather than substance a petition invalid because of a matter of form

    — matter of law
    : a matter involving or consisting of the application of law entitled to judgment as a matter of law —National Law Journal

    — matter of record
    : a matter (as a fact) entered on the record of a court or other official body the security interest was a matter of record

    — matter of substance
    : a matter concerning the merits of a case rather than form or relatively inessential details

  1. : written, printed, or postal material obscene matter