noun | \ ˈhä-mə-ˌsīd, ˈhō- \ | ho·mi·cide
  1. : a person who kills another

  1. : the killing of one human being by another — compare manslaughter, murder

    — criminal homicide
    : homicide committed by a person with a criminal state of mind (as intentionally, with premeditation, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence)

    — deliberate homicide
    : homicide caused purposely and knowingly —used in Montana

    — excusable homicide
    : homicide that is committed by accident or misfortune by a person doing a lawful act by lawful means with usual and ordinary caution and without any unlawful intent and that is excused under the law; also : justifiable homicide in this entry

    — felonious homicide
    : homicide committed without justification

    — homicide by misadventure
    : homicide that occurs as the result of an accident caused by a person doing a lawful act with no unlawful intent

    — justifiable homicide
    : homicide that is committed in self-defense, in defense of another and especially a member of one's family or sometimes in defense of a residence, in preventing a felony especially involving great bodily harm, or in performing a legal duty and that is justified under the law; also : excusable homicide in this entry

    — negligent homicide
    : homicide caused by a person's criminally negligent act

    — reckless homicide
    : homicide caused by a person's reckless acts Note: In Illinois, involuntary manslaughter committed by use of a motor vehicle is called reckless homicide.

    — vehicular homicide
    : homicide committed by the use of a vehicle (as an automobile or boat)