noun | \ ˈgär-dē-ən \ | guard·ian
  1. : one who has or is entitled or legally appointed to the care and management of the person or property of another — compare committee, conservator, curator, receiver, tutor

    — guardian ad litem
    : a guardian appointed by a court to represent in a particular lawsuit the interests of a minor, a person not yet born, or a person judged incompetent

    — guardian by nature
    : natural guardian in this entry

    — natural guardian
    : a guardian by natural relationship having custody of the person but not the property of a minor Note: Under common law the father is considered the natural guardian of a child until his death or incapacitation, whereupon the mother becomes the natural guardian. Many states have passed statutes giving both parents equal rights as guardians.

    — statutory guardian
    : a guardian appointed by statutory authority

    — testamentary guardian
    : a person named in a will to serve as a guardian