noun | \ ˈsent-ᵊns, -ᵊnz \ | sen·tence
  1. : a judgment formally pronouncing the punishment to be inflicted on one convicted of a crime

  1. : the punishment that one convicted of a crime is ordered to receive

    — concurrent sentence
    : a sentence that runs at the same time as another

    — consecutive sentence
    : a sentence that runs before or after another

    — cumulative sentence
    : consecutive sentence in this entry; also : the combination of two or more consecutive sentences

    — death sentence
    : a sentence condemning the convicted defendant to death

    — determinate sentence
    : a sentence for a fixed rather than indeterminate length of time

    — general sentence
    : a sentence that does not allocate the punishment imposed for the individual counts on which the defendant was convicted Note: General sentences are impermissible.

    — indeterminate sentence
    : a sentence of minimum and maximum duration with the exact length to be later determined (as by a parole board)

    — life sentence
    : a sentence of imprisonment for the rest of the convicted defendant's life

    — mandatory sentence
    : a sentence that is specifically required or falls within a range required by statute as punishment for an offense imposed the minimum mandatory sentence for distributing drugs near a school

    — presumptive sentence
    : a sentence that is the presumed punishment for an offense and is subject to the upward or downward adjustment of its severity depending on aggravating and mitigating factors

    — split sentence
    : a sentence of which part is served in prison and the other suspended and usually replaced by probation

    — suspended sentence
    : a sentence the imposition or execution of which is suspended by the court


transitive verb
  1. : to impose a sentence on