noun | \ di-ˈnī-əl \ | de·ni·al
  1. : refusal to grant or allow something denial of due process denial of a motion

    b : a defense asserting that an opposing party's allegations are false — compare affirmative defense at defense 2a, traverse

    Note: Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, allegations that are not denied are taken as admitted, and a statement that a party has insufficient knowledge or information to form a belief as to the truth of an allegation is taken as a denial. A denial must sufficiently state which allegations or parts of allegations are being denied.

    — argumentative denial
    : a denial that asserts facts inconsistent with an allegation made by an adverse party

    — general denial
    : a denial of all the allegations in a complaint : a denial of all the allegations of a particular paragraph or group of paragraphs in a complaint

    — specific denial
    : general denial in this entry : a denial of parts of an allegation in a complaint

  1. a : an assertion that an allegation is false