noun | \ di-ˈkrē \ | de·cree
  1. : an order having the force of law by judicial decree

  1. : a judicial decision especially in an equity or probate court; broadly : judgment divorce decree interlocutory decree : judgment divorce decree interlocutory decree

    — consent decree
    : a decree entered by a court that is determined by the parties' agreement : a settlement between the parties that is subject to judicial approval and supervision; specifically : such a decree by which the accused agrees to cease alleged illegal activities without admitting guilt

    — decree nisi
    : a provisional decree that will become final unless cause is shown why it should not Note: Some states grant divorces using decrees nisi. The decree nisi creates a time period (as of 3 months) allowing for possible reconciliation or for completion of various arrangements (as custody).

    — decree pro confesso
    : a decree entered by a court based on a defendant's default and the presumption that the allegations are confessed — compare default judgment at judgment 1a

    — final decree
    : a decree that disposes of an action by determining all matters in dispute including especially the parties' rights — compare final judgment at judgment 1a

    — interlocutory decree
    : a decree that is made during the course of an action and that does not settle all matters in dispute