1. ab : an inheritable freehold estate in real property; especially : fee simple — compare leasehold, life estate at estate : fee simple — compare leasehold, life estate at estate

    — absolute fee
    : a fee granted with no restrictions or limitations on alienability : fee simple absolute at fee simple

    — conditional fee
    : a fee that is subject to a condition: as a : fee simple conditional at fee simple b : fee simple on condition subsequent at fee simple

    — defeasible fee
    : a fee that is subject to terminating or being terminated

    — determinable fee
    : a defeasible fee that terminates automatically upon the occurrence of a specified event : fee simple determinable at fee simple

    — fee patent
    : a fee simple absolute that is granted by a patent from the U.S. government; also : a patent that grants a fee simple absolute the land shall have the same status as though such fee patent had never been issued —U.S. Code Note: Allotments of parcels of land in reservations are held in private ownership by fee patents.

    — fee tail
    : a fee which is granted to an individual and to that individual's descendants, which is subject to a reversion or a remainder if a tenant in tail dies with no lineal descendants, and which is not freely alienable — see also 1entail, De Donis Conditionalibus — compare fee simple conditional at fee simple Note: The fee tail developed out of the fee simple conditional as a means to ensure that property would remain intact and in the family. Instead of giving the grantee a fee simple absolute once he or she has a child, which the grantee could then alienate (as by selling), the fee tail creates a future interest in the descendants which prevents the grantee and the descendants from alienating the property. A fee tail is created by a conveyance to the grantee and to the heirs of the grantee's body. In most jurisdictions, the fee tail is not recognized.

  1. : a fixed amount or percentage charged; especially : a sum paid or charged for a service attorney fees : a sum paid or charged for a service attorney fees

    — contingency fee
    : a fee for the services of a lawyer paid upon successful completion of the services and usually calculated as a percentage of the gain obtained for the client — called also contingency, contingent fee; compare champerty, maintenance

    — filing fee
    : a fee charged for the filing of a document Note: Filing fees are ordinarily charged in civil matters with the filing of the complaint.

    — jury fee
    : a fee that is assessed in some courts as part of the cost of a civil jury trial

    — origination fee
    : a fee charged by a lender for the preparation and processing of a loan