noun | \ ˈdi-və-ˌdend \ | div·i·dend
  1. : the part of corporate net earnings distributed usually periodically (as quarterly) to stockholders in the form of cash, additional shares, or property either as a set amount per share or a percentage of par value

    — constructive dividend
    : a benefit (as unreasonable compensation or use of corporate property) or transfer of funds from a corporation to a shareholder that is interpreted by a taxing authority as a dividend

    — cumulative dividend
    : a dividend distributed to preferred stockholders that is added to and paid with the next payment or future payments if not paid when due

    — extraordinary dividend
    : a dividend declared in addition to a regular dividend because of unanticipated profits or a nonrecurring increase of revenue

  1. : a share of the surplus earnings of a mutual insurance company paid to policyholders either in the form of cash disbursements or through reduction of premiums

  1. : a payment disbursed to investors from the income of a mutual fund