noun | do·na·tion
  1. : the making of an especially charitable gift

  1. : a voluntary transfer of ownership of property from one person to another — compare sale

    — disguised donation
    : a transfer of property (as a sale) that does not have a sufficient reciprocal consideration (as a proportional price) so that it is considered a gratuitous donation and must meet the statutory requirements for a donation (as a notarial act) to be valid — called also donation in disguise; compare simulation

    — donation inter vivos
    : a donation that transfers property owned by the donor and that takes effect upon the donee's acceptance — compare gift inter vivos at gift

    — donation mortis causa
    : a donation that is to take effect on the donor's death and that is revocable — compare gift causa mortis at gift

  1. : something that is transferred by a donation