noun | com·pa·ny
  1. : an association of persons for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise — compare corporation, partnership

    — finance company
    : a company that makes usually small short-term loans to individuals

    — growth company
    : a company that grows at a greater rate than the economy as a whole and that usually directs a relatively high proportion of income back into the business

    — holding company
    : a company whose sole function is to own and control other companies

    — investment company
    : a company that earns income solely or primarily by holding and investing in securities issued by other companies or by government agencies

    — joint-stock company
    : a business organization whose capital is represented by shares owned by stockholders each of whom is personally liable for the company's debts

    — limited liability company
    : an unincorporated company formed under applicable state statute whose members cannot be held liable for the acts, debts, or obligations of the company and that may elect to be taxed as a partnership

    — mutual company
    : an insurance company whose capital is owned by its policyholders

    — surety company
    : a company that provides surety bonds for a fee

    — trust company
    : a company and often a commercial bank acting as trustee for individuals and businesses and providing related financial or estate planning services