adjective | com·mon
  1. a : of or relating to a community at large : public common defense

    b : known to the community a common thief

  1. : belonging to or shared by two or more persons or things or by all members of a group when the insured and the beneficiary perish in a common disaster common areas of the building

  1. : of or relating to common stock common shares


  1. : house of commons

  1. : the legal right of taking a profit in another's land in common with the owner or others the common of estovers the common of pasture

    a : land jointly owned and used especially for pasture

    b : a public open area in a municipality

  1. : a condition of shared ownership : a condition in which a right is shared with an interest held by another person held the estate in common — see also tenancy in common at tenancy — compare severalty 1

  1. : common stock at stock