noun | \ ˈchat-ᵊl \ | chat·tel
  1. : an item of tangible or intangible personal property; especially : chattel personal in this entry : chattel personal in this entry

    Note: In some jurisdictions the term chattel is restricted to items of tangible and movable personal property. Other jurisdictions also classify intangible assets and property items as chattels.

    — chattel personal
    : an item of tangible movable personal property (as livestock or an automobile) that is not permanently connected with real estate

    — chattel real
    : an interest (as a leasehold or profit a prendre) in an item of immovable property (as land or a building) that is less than a freehold estate — compare fixture Note: Interests that are considered chattels real have been treated by the common law as personal property despite being interests in real property.