noun | \ ˈba-tə-rē, -trē \ | bat·tery
  1. ab : the crime or tort of intentionally or recklessly causing offensive physical contact or bodily harm (as by striking or by administering a poison or drug) that is not consented to by the victim — compare assault

    — aggravated battery
    : criminal battery that is accompanied by aggravating factors: as a : criminal battery that causes or is intended to cause serious bodily injury especially through the use of a dangerous weapon b : criminal battery committed on a protected person (as a minor or a police officer) — compare simple battery in this entry Note: Aggravated battery is usually classified as a felony.

    — sexual battery
    : intentional and offensive sexual contact and especially sexual intercourse with a person who has not given or (as in the case of a child) is incapable of giving consent; broadly : forced or coerced contact with the sexual parts of either the victim or the perpetrator — see also rape Note: This is a broad definition of the offense. The specific elements of this crime vary from state to state, and some states use more narrow definitions.

    — simple battery
    : criminal battery that is not accompanied by aggravating factors (as a dangerous weapon) — compare aggravated battery in this entry Note: Simple battery is usually classified as a misdemeanor.