1. : something that has actual existence : a matter of objective reality

  1. ab : any of the circumstances of a case that exist or are alleged to exist in reality : a thing whose actual occurrence or existence is to be determined by the evidence presented at trial — see also finding of fact at finding, judicial notice, question of fact at question, trier of fact — compare law, opinion

    — adjudicative fact
    : a fact particularly related to the parties to an especially administrative proceeding — compare legislative fact in this entry

    — collateral fact
    : a fact that has no direct relation to or immediate bearing on the case or matter in question — compare material fact in this entry

    — constitutional fact
    : a fact that relates to the determination of a constitutional issue (as violation of a constitutional right) —used especially of administrative findings of fact

    — evidentiary fact
    : a fact that is part of the situation from which a case arises and that is established by testimony or other evidence — called also mediate fact, predicate fact; compare ultimate fact in this entry

    — legislative fact
    : a fact of general social, economic, or scientific relevance that does not change from case to case — compare adjudicative fact in this entry

    — material fact
    : a fact that affects decision making: as a : a fact upon which the outcome of all or part of a lawsuit depends b : a fact that would influence a reasonable person under the circumstances in making an investment decision (as in purchasing a security or voting for a corporate officer or action)

    — mediate fact
    : evidentiary fact in this entry

    — predicate fact
    : evidentiary fact in this entry

    — ultimate fact
    : a conclusion of law or especially mixed fact and law that is necessary to the determination of issues in a case and that is established by evidentiary facts — compare evidentiary fact in this entry