noun | \ pə-ˈze-shən \ | pos·ses·sion
  1. a : actual possession in this entry

    b : constructive possession in this entry

    c : knowing dominion and control over a controlled substance or other contraband

    d : the detention or enjoyment of a corporeal thing

  1. e : control or occupancy of property

    — actual possession
    : direct occupancy, use, or control of real property had actual possession of the land despite a lack of legal title : direct physical custody, care, or control of property or contraband (as illegal drugs) actual possession is not necessary to sustain a conviction —State v. Garrison, 896 S.W.2d 689 (1995)

    — adverse possession
    : actual possession of another's real property that is open, hostile, exclusive, continuous, adverse to the claim of the owner, often under a claim of right or color of title, and that may give rise to title in the possessor if carried out for a specified statutory period (as ten years); also : the method of acquiring title by such possession — see also hostile possession and notorious possession in this entry — compare prescription

    — civil possession
    in the civil law of Louisiana : possession that exists by virtue of an intent to be the owner of a property even though one no longer occupies or has physical control of it

    — constructive possession
    : possession that exists by virtue of a right (as by title) rather than direct occupancy or control : the knowing ability and sometimes intent to exercise dominion and control over something (as illegal drugs) either directly or through others

    — hostile possession
    : possession (as in adverse possession) that is antagonistic to the claims of all others (as a record owner) and that is carried out with the intention to possess the property exclusively

    — notorious possession
    : possession (as in adverse possession) that is so conspicuous that it is generally known by people in the vicinity of the property and so gives rise to a presumption that the owner has notice of it

    — precarious possession
    in the civil law of Louisiana : possession of property that is exercised by another (as a lessee) with the permission of or on behalf of the owner — see also acquisitive prescription at prescription

  1. : something controlled, occupied, or owned personal possessions