noun | \ ˈak-ˌses \ | ac·cess
  1. : permission, liberty, or ability to enter, approach, communicate with, or pass to and from a place, thing, or person public access to federal land access to the courts

  1. : opportunity for sexual intercourse

  1. : a landowner's legal right to pass from his or her land to a highway and to return without being obstructed

  1. : freedom or ability to obtain, make use of, or participate in something the right to equal treatment holds with respect to a limited set of interests — like voting — and demands that every person have the same access to these interests —L. H. Tribe

  1. a : a way by which a thing or place may be approached or reached

    b : passage to and from a place provide a means of access to the land

  1. : opportunity to view or copy a copyrighted work