noun | di·vorce
  1. : the dissolution of a valid marriage granted especially on specified statutory grounds (as adultery) arising after the marriage — compare annulment

    Note: The most common grounds for divorce are absence from the marital home, drug or alcohol addiction, adultery, cruelty, conviction of a crime, desertion, insanity, and nonsupport.

    — absolute divorce
    : a divorce that completely and permanently dissolves the marital relationship and terminates marital rights (as property rights) and obligations (as fidelity)

    — divorce a mensa et thoro
    : a separation governed by a court order : legal separation

    — divorce a vinculo matrimonii
    : absolute divorce in this entry

    — limited divorce
    : an intentional cessation of cohabitation between spouses : separation

    — no-fault divorce
    : an absolute divorce that is not based on either spouse's fault and that is granted usually on the grounds of an irretrievable breakdown or when the spouses have lived apart for a statutorily specified period of time


  1. : to dissolve the marriage of (a spouse) by judgment or decree of divorce

  1. : to sever the marital relationship with (a spouse) by means of a judgment or decree of divorce

    : to obtain a divorce