a fortiori

adverb | \ ˌā-ˌfȯr-shē-ˈōr-ˌī, ˌä-ˌfȯr-shē-ˈōr-ē, -ˌfȯr-tē- \ | a for·ti·o·ri
  1. : all the more certainly : with greater reason : with still more convincing force —used in drawing a conclusion that is thought to be even more certain than another the evident purpose of the latter statute — to provide a distinct and more severe sentencing scheme for violent habitual offenders — plainly suggests that the Legislature intended it to apply, a fortiori, to murderers as well as to criminals who commit other violent, but less serious, felonies —People v. Jenkins, 893 P.2d 1224 (1995)